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Who, What and Why?

What we do


We empower people to develop life-skills around food that increases independence, self-confidence, wellbeing, and bring a sense of belonging.

We share knowledge and skills that can be passed from group to group.

We encourage a culture of food appreciation and understanding.

Who we support


We support schools, businesses, charities, care agencies and more.

We inspire people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds to
love real food.

We support people living with neurodiversity to learn in the way that best suits them.

Why we do it


We believe in the real joy of food. We believe it can empower us to transform our physical and mental wellbeing, and improve the health of our wider environment.

Our modern food environment places barriers to the access, understanding and eating of real food. We believe every single person has a right to understand food and have food skills.

We deliver food and cookery training programmes to upskill community group leaders working in food insecure areas of High Wycombe and beyond.

Our goal is to enable clients to share what they learn and feel confident delivering engaging, though-provoking, affordable and fun cookery sessions to the groups they lead.
We focus on seasonable, affordable ingredients, using store cupboard staples to make tasty and nutritious dishes our clients can feel proud to share.

What we do

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