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Empower to Cook CIC...

Was founded with two primary objectives: Firstly, to change food education delivery in our local community. Secondly to create meaningful employment opportunities for its Founding Director. Our organization draws upon the extensive expertise of its founder, who is a professional chef with over thirty years of experience as a qualified lecturer and a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs.

Moving forward...

Our central focus revolves around providing vital support to vulnerable individuals and groups, a cause we passionately champion. Our founder, a social entrepreneur with lived experiences and a unique neurodivergent perspective, offers a distinct insight into addressing often overlooked challenges. His remarkable journey in establishing a social enterprise, devoid of prior experience or formal business qualifications, stands as a testament to the resilience and potential of individuals in overcoming adversity.

Fit for the future...

We are well-prepared to offer a personalized, person-centric advisory and consultancy service, augmented by individual coaching, to enable individuals to unlock their full potential in their personal lives and professional pursuits. Furthermore, we provide specialized training programs for staff members working with schools, local authorities, community groups, NHS, and other partners.


We take great pride in our accomplishments and activities, all while remaining committed to enhancing our approach through collaboration with funders, key stakeholders, and the broader communities we serve.

Please feel free to contact us to discover more about our initiatives and the valuable contributions we can make to your organization

What we do

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