A Food Citizens' Cookbook

Our cookbook is out! A Citizens' Cookbook is a book exploring the foods that most often go to waste in Buckinghamshire during the different months of the year. To address this waste, we transformed them into recipes to help you experiment with new and delicious meals.

We've put together 12 recipes centred on fruit and vegetable gluts common to Buckinghamshire. What's a glut?!? A glut is an excessive supply of something. Sometimes, part of the crop remains in the field unpicked as it isn't economically profitable to harvest anymore. That means that food still good to eat goes to waste.

From gooseberries to potatoes, cabbage to rhubarb, these recipes will give you the chance to help prevent tonnes of food waste entering the landfill.

You can download it for free by clicking on here

Empower to Cook and Feedback - A Food Ci
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Or you can leaf through it as an e-book

Check the e-book

Want more? We made some video recipes to guide you through them step-by-step. Check our YouTube channel!

What's Food Citizenship? It is the action of thinking about and being proactive about food, both as individuals and collectively as a nation. With food waste being a large contributor to greenhouse gases creating the climate crisis, by being more mindful about what and how we eat, we all have the power to be part of positive change.

This book has been a collaboration between Empower to Cook and Feedback. We really hope you'll enjoy it. Let us know in the comment which recipes you're going to try.

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