A Food Citizens' Cookbook

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What A Food Citizens' Cookbook is about

A Food Citizens' Cookbook is a book to address food waste through simple and wholesome recipes. 


The foods most commonly wasted in Buckinghamshire have been transformed into recipes to help people to eat well while protecting the environment.

The book is a collaboration between Empower to Cook, a social enterprise focusing on food education, and Feedback, an environmental campaigning organisation. 

Products: 1 e-book, 12 video recipes


Launch on 18th January 2021.


Environmental campaigning organisation Feedback and social enterprise Empower to Cook went on a journey to explore the world of food and how we can become better food citizens, more mindful of how we eat and of the impact of food on the environment.

A Food Citizens' Cookbook is a book exploring the foods that most often go to waste in Buckinghamshire during the different months of the year. Sometimes, part of a crop remains in the field unpicked as it isn't profitable to harvest anymore. This is called 'glut' and goes to waste.

There's much that can be done with these unwanted fruits and vegetables. Rather than waste them, with the help of the Citizens' Cookbook they can become delicious meals.

When food is prepared with seasonal and local food, not only is it more flavoursome and nutritious, but is kinder to the environment as the journey from farm to table is shorter. It also supports the local community, from local farmers and growers to small grocers and markets.

From gooseberries to potatoes, sprouts to pumpkins, these recipes will give you comfort food with a conscience. And the chance to help prevent tonnes of food waste entering the landfill.

A Food Citizens' Cookbook can be downloaded for free from Empower to Cook's website here https://www.empowertocook.co.uk/afoodcitizenscookbook

or from Feedback's website here https://feedbackglobal.org/knowledge-hub/books/

A Citizens' Cookbook

Download the pdf for free

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Main partners

Empower to Cook

A social enterprise focused on food education based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Empower to Cook believes that when people learn to cook good and nutritious food, they learn ways to better look after your health, your wellbeing and the environment. 

Empower to Cook carried on the research on food waste in Buckinghamshire and then created recipes based on the most common gluts. 



An environmental campaigning organisation working to regenerate nature by transforming our food system. Feedback coordinated the cookbook and funded the projects through funds allocated to their Food Citizens projects.


The Rothschild Foundation

Underpinning our interest in the arts and humanities, the environment and social welfare is a commitment to increasing access to opportunity and supporting people to realise their potential. The Rothschild Foundation funded the Food Citizens project.


Food Citizens

A Feedback initiative in Buckinghamshire trialling new ways to involve people in the food system. The Food Citizens projects aim to raise awareness of ways we can reduce food waste and sustainable diets. This project funded video recipes to promote eating more vegetables and healthier approaches to preparing and using food. This project funded video recipes to promote vegetables and sustainable eating.

Secondary partner

One Can Trust

A food bank based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. One Can Trust partnered with Empower to Cook to produce video recipes on cooking on a budget and staple foods. 


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