Children Embracing in Circle

Children Services

We work with schools to deliver better food education and inspire children to make healthy food choices. Cooking skills are not only as important as reading, counting and writing, but they bring the curriculum to life, enriching it with lived-experience.

Children who do not eat well lack the energy to reach their potential and are likely to suffer chronic ill health as adults. Learning to cook equips a new generation with the skills to achieve better health and well-being for themselves.

How we work

  • Cookery and healthy eating workshops, which can be linked to the curriculum, working with teachers to enhance awareness of good food choices

  • Food education workshops for topic days, cultural days and specific curriculum targets

  • We train teachers to improve their skills, build confidence of how to link food to the curriculum and train them with better practical skills for class delivery

  • Parent and child cookery classes or after school clubs

  • Children's holiday workshops

We would love to hear from you!

“This was an amazing opportunity for our children. Every single child who participated has thoroughly enjoyed it and asked if they could do it again... Parents and staff who have been involved have also found it an extremely rewarding experience, especially watching the children blossom.”

— School Teacher