“We want to inspire, motivate and empower children, young people, individuals and families through cooking nutritious and affordable meals for themselves.”

— Michael Brown, Founding Director of Empower to Cook


About us

Empower to Cook CIC is a social enterprise based in Buckinghamshire that uses food education to support vulnerable communities. Through food, we build life skills and improve the physical and mental well-being of young people, families, and communities.

Why focus on High Wycombe? In the area, we can see the highest concentration of children living in low income households in Bucks (4,400 est, Bucks CC). Unfortunately, deprivation in the midst of wealth gets missed.

Empower to Cook seeks to address a local need to champion better food education in the community. We are passionate about working with children and young people, as we know that building cooking skills at an early age provides life-skills that raise self-esteem, confidence, and bring long-lasting changes in people health. When we work with individuals and families, we use food as a tool to make real, deep changes in people’s life.

We use an action as embedded in our life as cooking to trigger behaviour change. We offer simple, effective and inclusive ways for people to engage with healthy diets, environment and food provenance, resource use and food waste.

Our classes focus on people learning by doing rather than by watching, generating the confidence to maintain new habits that are soon incorporated in daily life. We use seasonal ingredients that are inexpensive, have the best flavour and can be easily bought or grown. We also tap in the growing network of food waste suppliers to use surplus food wherever possible.


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