Classroom Kitchen project

Last month, Empower to Cook CIC began a new healthy eating programme to be run across 4 schools in the High Wycombe area. The Classroom Kitchen project comprises, five sessions of food education and an opportunity for the children to learn about and try different foods.

The programme offers a unique perspective on healthy eating, inspiring the children to make good everyday food choices and keep treats as ‘sometimes’ foods.  

Week 1 is an introduction to the principles of eating well, week 2 looks at healthy breakfasts, week 3, snacks and drinks. In week 4, we introduce a practical element and the children chop, cook and taste lots of different vegetables. The final week sees the parents joining the session and cooking with their child. In this way, we hope the programme will have the maximum impact on the children’s everyday eating habits from a younger age.

The feedback from the sessions so far has been positive, with 2 out of 3 children liking something they hadn’t tried before or hadn’t liked before. 

We would like to thank Heart of Bucks for funding this project. Our thanks also goes to the four schools piloting this new initiative; King’s Wood Primary, Hannah Ball Primary in High Wycombe, Lane End Primary and Foxes Piece Primary in Marlow. We hope to be able to roll out this programme across many more schools in Bucks.