A renewed focus for 2018

The start of this year has seen Empower to Cook reflecting on how we can best achieve our mission of inspiring, motivating and empowering people through cooking. We have adjusted our aim to ensure E2C workshops help those in vulnerable communities to build life skills as well as improve their physical and mental wellbeing. This exercise has also allowed us to develop a greater understanding of the difference we can make and formulate some clear goals for the future. 

Our 3 areas of focus

Our 3 areas of focus

The difference we make

  •  Improving health through better food choices.
  •  Re-connecting families and communities.
  •  Helping people eat well, affordably.
  •  Providing valuable life and employability skills.
  •  A hands-on activity for better mental health and improved confidence.
  •  A practical way to learn a variety of educational skills.
  •  Improving the employment opportunities and aspirations of all.
  •  Support the most vulnerable people, particularly in the pockets of deprivation in Wycombe.
  •  Cooking workshops as a first step to other support services
  •  Utilise food that would otherwise be wasted. 

Why focus on High Wycombe?

Deprivation in the midst of wealth gets missed

  • Highest concentration of children living in low income households in Bucks (4,400 est, Bucks CC)
  • 6 primary schools have pupil premium over 30% (National average is 14.7% (2016-17)

Going forward we are scaling up our impact through three principles:

  1.  Longer term projects
  2.  Helping more people
  3.  Community involvement

Bringing together the support of social minded individuals and organisations across Wycombe is critical to achieving this. We need to think much bigger than cooking! We are talking to housing associations, charities, schools and local authorities. We believe its important to work together to achieve the most for people across Wycombe